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Bike trails suggested just for you

From the easiest to the most challenging. You can choose the trail you like the most.

For cycling enthusiasts, Hotel Doriguzzi has prepared beautiful routes through the wonders of the history and culture of the area and reveal the nature fascinating and striking nature of Belluno Dolomites a UNESCO Heritage Site. The selected routes have different levels of difficulty, from easy to challenging. The Guide Bike team of Hotel Doriguzzi will accompany and support participants in the selected excursions.


Feltre under the stars / Download pdf.
See Feltre as you have never seen it before, an evocative landscape under the moonlight.
Pedavena beer tour - between pedemontana and Feltre Download pdf.
Discover the historical and craft traditions of Vallata Feltrina.
In the heart of Cartizze - Level of difficulty: easy Download pdf.
A pleasant bike tour along the streets of the small and famous Cartizze area, through the lush vineyards you will arrive at a typical wine cellar for a tasting of Cartizze and Prosecco DOCG.
Enduro on the Col del Gallo - Level of difficulty: medium Download pdf.
A technical and enjoyable route, suitable for lovers of exertion. The beautiful views of the Feltre Dolomites will repay the participants for the exertion of this intense route.
The Path of Memories – Diga del Vajont - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
The easy and scenic route reaches its maximum fascination with the guided tour of Diga del Vajont, a place full of memories and emotion.
Monte Avena MTB Tour - Level of difficulty: medium Download pdf.
Cycling among dairy farms, cheese dairies and forests to enjoy unique landscapes of untouched nature. The beauty of Vette Feltrine at your disposal.
Monte Grappa MTB Tour - Level of difficulty: medium - difficult Download pdf.
Tour Monte Grappa, the great First World War location. A route that traces history with forays into nature with a visit to the Wildlife Botanical Park.
Tour of 4 passes - Level of difficulty: difficultDownload pdf.
An opportunity not to be missed for trained touring cyclists. The ascents of this route have been traversed by Giro d'Italia and the Dolomite Marathon is organised in these areas every year.
Between towns in the hills and nature at the foot of Monti del Sole - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
Nature and culture. A bike tour dedicated to the beauty that abounds in our land.
Granfondo Sportful - Level of difficulty: difficultDownload pdf.
The marathon attracts cycling enthusiasts from all parts of Italy. Ideal routes for those who want to test themselves.
The magical Val Canzoi in the area of "Mazarol" - Level of difficulty: medium / Download pdf.
In search of forgotten villages inserted in the beautiful scenery of this area. The sensation of cycling in places from another time and feeling sensations of distant atmospheres.
The Piave River murmurs... And not only - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
35 pleasant km along the river which contributed to the local history and that of the Country, the Piave.
The Long Path of the Dolomites  - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
A bike tour through the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomites. You will be "transported" to spectacular terraces overlooking the stunning peaks of the Dolomites, UNESCO Heritage Site.
A day at the Lake - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
A nice relaxing day at the lake! A bike ride along the lake with the possibility of stopping and enjoying the sun. For lovers of sports and adrenaline, there will be the possibility of trying out various activities such as canyoning, rafting and much more.
Feltre, the painted city - Level of difficulty: easyDownload pdf.
A Bike Tour to discover the medieval city and the Feltre area. A unique opportunity to discover these wonderful places.

The Bike Guide is a resource available in case of need, to give you advice on how to make the best use of the bicycle and all its aspects and guide groups of people safely at the end of each selected route.
Hotel Doriguzzi offers bike hire service for all those who want to partecipate in bike tours and have no bicycle - Partner Ral Bike & SkiSEE ALL THE SERVICES OF BIKE HOTEL.

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