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Feltra speaks Latin.

This is testified by the fact that there are 1,000 square metres of archaeological sites under Piazza del Duomo, in the town centre, and under Via Claudia Augusta Altinate. Feltre is located in a central area, along a strategic route. Since ancient times, the historic citadel had to defend itself against the raids of the barbarians and conquerors, who were drawn to this wealthy region and to the resources accumulated by the local skilled craftsmen and nobles.

A place of Art...

It was conquered by the Republic of Venice and, as a result, the Teatro de La Sena, also known as the small Fenice, was built as well as some of its characteristic buildings. Feltre is known for its museums, such as the “Carlo Rizzarda” Modern Art Gallery of wrought iron, the Civic Museum and the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art. The magnificent Sanctuary of Saints Victor and Corona is also a pilgrimage destination.

... of Entertainment ...

In Feltre, an innovative city in terms of entertainment, major music and theatre events are held featuring artists from all over the world.

... of Traditions.

A weekend dedicated to the historic Palio di Feltre, immersed in the colours and scents of the Dolomites and the Piave river. The mediaeval event that takes place on the first weekend of August, where the gates to the citadel are closed and districts compete in various competitions, including tug of war, horse racing, relay and archery. There are many opportunities to experience moments of joy in the company of friends and family.

... of Food and Wine...

The result of the age-old bond between man and nature, and of the skilled locals who work the land and breed livestock, the Belluno Prealps are a region offering unique flavours that skilfully combine the culinary traditions of Veneto and the Ladin Dolomites.

In Feltre you can visit a historic brewery and taste its brews in the adjacent restaurant. Birreria Pedavena is the largest of its kind in Italy and, in addition to serving local dishes, it hosts important events and initiatives.

... of Prosecco.

Our territory is famous for wine production.
Valdobbiadene is heritage of UNESCO with its beautiful hills in which enlcoses many winegrowing enterprises that work every year thanks to their efficient labour that is passed on generation after generation. The final product that we obtain is the most valuable wine of our land: the DOCG prosecco.

You can reach them easily by 20 minutes from the hotel, where a suggestive panoramic hills walk between tastes and scents will sweetly surprise you.

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